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President Elect Donald Trump National Disgrace

There is no putting a positive spin on the election of a monumentally deplorable person to be President of the United States, but that’s what many are trying to do, perhaps because facing the outrageous, depressing reality of Donald Trump as President is something that is and should be impossible to swallow. This election is a national disgrace, and Keith Olbermann has provided 176 reasons why this Donald Trump has no business anywhere near the White House.

Donald Trump Is A Danger To Our Great Country

Hillary Clinton chose the right word in the third and final presidential debate, when she described Donald Trumps refusal to accept the results of the election and the will of the American people as “horrific”. Trump must really hate our country to impune the integrity of our democracy, which is second to none in the entire… Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and People

We noticed that during the third Presidential debate Hillary Clinton talked at length about the issues that affect people every day and what she’d like to do to help, whereas the best Donald Trump could come up with was “The economy’s going to be great, everyone’s going to have good jobs and make a lot… Continue Reading

Bernie Sanders young supporters created this mess!

A huge percentage of the wide-eyed young dreamers who are hot for Bernie Sanders are actually responsible for our current political mess because in THEY DIDN’T VOTE in 2010! And now these brilliant wonder children with limited information and attention span want to nominate a feel-good candidate who is more likely to lose the general… Continue Reading

Jerelyn Luther – Poor Baby

Poor baby. Don’t people understand how special she is? That’s likely how she was reared, like so many young monsters, to believe that they are infinitely special and can do no wrong, by parents who likely sided with them over their teachers whenever they misbehaved at school. She’s still young enough to learn that the world… Continue Reading