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Why I Unfriended You On Facebook

Or am about to… Most people seem happy to collect as many Facebook “friends” as possible. Maybe it’s because with more people in one’s cue, there are more posts and a greater chance that someone might actually post something interesting or amusing or entertaining. But I’m not like that. I enjoy the posts from people… Continue Reading

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis In Jail

We swear, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is one ugly woman- and we’re not talking about her appearance. She is the epitome of white trash: ignorant, stupid and arrogant. What strikes us the most is her complete inability to see the degree of her arrogance and selfishness. It’s all about her. She actually thinks that… Continue Reading

Major Crimes Rusty Beck

The TNT TV series Major Crimes character Rusty Beck needs to be killed. Among a cast of otherwise good humored characters, Rusty is a major “Debbie Downer”. This sniveling creeptoid is self absorbed, whiny, humorless and agonizing to watch. He is completely unfamiliar with the concepts of fun or joy, a veritable dark cloud in… Continue Reading

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Yes, Janet Cook, You Are Stupid

In this New York Times article about Janet N. Cook, 76, of Suffolk, VA, who was swindled out of $300,000 from a con man on an internet dating site, Ms. Cook is quoted as saying “I’m not stupid, but was totally naïve.” Well, Ms. Cook, I’m sorry, but I’ve got a news flash for you: You… Continue Reading

Elizabeth Broadbent Dismisses Dog Parents

In this article at your tango.com, Elizabeth Broadbent dismisses humans who refer to their beloved pets as furkids or furbabies, even though many such pet parents know that that’s exactly what they are. Elizabeth, honey, sorry, but you don’t get to tell anyone what they call anything or pretend to know the depth and nature… Continue Reading

Feeling Impacted?

We are far from being grammar experts, but do try to use words correctly, but we’re apparently in the minority. Why is it that so many people who ought to know better use the word impacted, when the word affected is clearly correct and more appropriate? From the New Oxford American Dictionary: impacted | im’paktid |  adjective 1 chiefly Medicine pressed firmly… Continue Reading

Robin Williams Death

I never met Robin Williams, but like millions of others, I loved him, and had I known he was in such pain, I would have purchased a plane ticket, flown to San Francisco, got him to treatment, and when he was well enough, take him somewhere beautiful for a piece of pie- with ice cream… Continue Reading

Frank Underwood – House of Cards

House of Cards’ Frank Underwood was more interesting, mysterious and multidimensional before he became a murderer. Before he killed two people it was possible to imaging that somewhere deep in his dark, power-hungry soul there still smoldered some genuine, residual virtue from an earlier life. But now he’s just a piece-of-crap murdering thug. An interesting… Continue Reading

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