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John McCain Has Gone Rotten

Once upon a time, many years ago, we had some respect for Senator John McCain, but he has since deteriorated into a cranky old dottering airbag. He trashes Ambassador Susan Rice, who has no official access to intelligence gathering, for doing nothing more than communicating the incomplete information she was given by the CIA, while… Continue Reading

One Term More!

A time to celebrate democracy, Repeal Republican hypocrisy. This man who would unseat Barack’s A bleak choice at the ballot box. One Term More! A G.O.P. perdition-bound, All sense of right & wrong eroded. One Term More! With laws that let ’em stand their ground, Republicans are locked & loaded. Contraception’s now a sin, Screwing… Continue Reading

Bill Maher’s New Rules For Occupy Movement

New Rule: Now that summer is upon us, the Occupy Wall Street movement must think of a more effective form of protest than camping. To be considered a real movement, it has to start moving asses off the streets and into the voting booth. Occupy’s motto is “The only solution is world revolution.” Okay. But,… Continue Reading