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Major Crimes Rusty Beck

Rusty the Whiner
Rusty the Whiner

The TNT TV series Major Crimes character Rusty Beck needs to be killed. Among a cast of otherwise good humored characters, Rusty is a major “Debbie Downer”. This sniveling creeptoid is self absorbed, whiny, humorless and agonizing to watch. He is completely unfamiliar with the concepts of fun or joy, a veritable dark cloud in every scene. Did the Director truly envision this character as a human dingleberry or is this the way actor Graham Patrick Martin elects to play him or is Graham Patrick Martin just channeling his own inner dingleberry into this wretched character?

Granted, Major Crimes is not on our DVR A List- it’s one of those shows we watch when there’s nothing else. It was certainly better in its earlier incarnation as The Closer, with Kyra Sedgwick, but damn, this Rusty Dude just pisses all over a show that’s just a mediocre Whodunit to begin with.

Perhaps the Phillip Stroh character, defense attorney and serial rapist turned serial killer, played by Billy Burke, will escape from prison and murder this sniveling little shit? Or he could just cheer the fuck up!

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Frank Underwood – House of Cards

House of Cards’ Frank Underwood was more interesting, mysterious and multidimensional before he became a murderer. Before he killed two people it was possible to imaging that somewhere deep in his dark, power-hungry soul there still smoldered some genuine, residual virtue from an earlier life. But now he’s just a piece-of-crap murdering thug. An interesting… Continue Reading

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Bill Maher’s New Rules For Occupy Movement

New Rule: Now that summer is upon us, the Occupy Wall Street movement must think of a more effective form of protest than camping. To be considered a real movement, it has to start moving asses off the streets and into the voting booth. Occupy’s motto is “The only solution is world revolution.” Okay. But,… Continue Reading

Alex Wagner at MSNBC

Congratulations to Alex Wagner, former reporter for the Huffington Post, on her new post at MSNBC, replacing Contessa Brewer in the 12 P.M. slot. The move continues a trend at MSNBC. to promote its contributors, and  give many of them shows of their own. A big improvement over Contessa Brewer, in our opinion. WOS has long been… Continue Reading

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Falling Skies – Falling Intelligence

I have some questions: What happened to all the military forces of the world? Is it just this rag-tag “resistance” fighting the aliens? Where are all the military weapons? Did they wipe out all the nukes? If so, how? These critters are not that hard to kill- all you have to do is punch them… Continue Reading

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