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by | Aug 30, 2010 | WordPress Stuff | 2 comments

This site is generated from a WordPress 3.0 multisite installation. Wow! Multiple domains hosted from a single WordPress installation! I’m not a coder or a tech genius, so please don’t start posting all kinds of heavy technical questions, but I’ll be happy to tell you how I did it.

I used the very helpful instructions from wordpress, from NPSites, from Devin’s Video at WordPress Theming, and from Otto on WordPress.

The only problem so far is that when I change the design of my Headway theme on one site it changes the other site as well, so until I find a solution I have each site running on a different version of Headway.

UPDATE 12/04/2010: Now using Headway version 2.0.6 on both sites! It’s compatible with multisite and W3Total Cache!

UPDATE 10/28/2011: WordPress Multisite is a cool idea, and I enjoyed playing with it, but all my sites are now on their own single WordPress installation. Some of my disappointments with multisite were:

  • The pages of the sub-sites on a multisite installation with domain mapping loaded a tad slower than those of the primary site.
  • Some plugins do not play nice with multisite.
  • Moving any of the individual sites off of multisite is a major pain in the buttski, while moving an entire WordPress site (multi or single) is relatively easy.


  1. JR

    Thanks for the useful links in your post. These resources were very helpful to me in setting up my multisite. Are you happy with the Headway Theme?

    • WideOpen

      Thanks, JR. I don’t have any experience with other themes, so I can’t be objective, but Headway has been great as a first theme- very user friendly, and the authors have provided excellent support and continual upgrades/improvements since I first installed it a couple years ago.

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