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I have some questions:

What happened to all the military forces of the world? Is it just this rag-tag “resistance” fighting the aliens? Where are all the military weapons? Did they wipe out all the nukes? If so, how? These critters are not that hard to kill- all you have to do is punch them in the face!

Where is Obama? The Joint Chiefs?

Are the aliens occupying the Boston area of the USA only?

Have the aliens somehow made everyone emotionally hyper-sensitive? There sure are lots of tender, heart-felt moments and violins.

Those harnesses on the kids look like lobsters. Why haven’t they tried to steam and eat them?

The old guy made a radio out that uses vacuum tubes?!

Is Noah Wyle the most boring, one-dimensional actor on TV?

Is Steven Spielberg embarrassed by this unintended comedy?

Ryan at Rogue Resource posted the following questions:

1.) Why do the people in the “2nd Massachusetts” not seem to be at all worried that they might be killed by aliens? If their kids weren’t captured it seems like they wouldn’t really care at all. There are what? 300 people supposed to be hiding out in that JFK school? But they’re not hiding out, they’re venturing out all over the place, frolicking outside on the playground, wandering the halls, and not acting at all scared that the creatures that invaded and destroyed their world might possibly see them and kill them.

2.) Where is all this food coming from to feed 300 people? I find it hard to believe that those few bags of flour can feed that many people for this long without any of them showing signs of unhappiness.

3.) Why do these 300 people not have a problem with being held up so that ONE dude can go on suicide missions to find his son? If it was me I’d be like “Come on, Dale Dye, let’s keep this wagon trail rolling.”

4.) Why do the aliens seem to have no interest in the humans? The humans aren’t exactly hiding, so why don’t the aliens hunt them down and destroy them? If they weren’t taking the kids they’d be more like a creepy new neighbor than a threat.

5.)Is it me or do the aliens seem more sad and pathetic than scary and powerful?

6.) Why are they collecting scrap metal? And on that same note, why have they mastered interstellar space travel but still need to enslave children to collect the scrap metal by hand? And wouldn’t it be more efficient to enslave adults to do your scrap metal collecting?

7.) Where did the blonde teen chick go when she was captured? Why have all the other characters just written her off? Hal moved on to a different hot blonde chick within a day.

8.) Why is Noah Wyle always dirty and beat up but Hal is always squeaky-clean with product in his hair? I feel like I’d stop styling my hair if aliens invaded my planet. Everybody in that place should be grimy as hell.

9.) On a similar note – why don’t any of them carry backpacks with extra supplies/clothes/misc items like most soldiers? You’d think if the alien apocalypse happened, things like extra socks and clean clothes, food, razors, etc would become luxuries. You can’t possibly trust that 300 people won’t steal your stuff. Carry your backpack at all times.

10.) Where the hell did they get full auto AK-47s in New England? Originally they said they got their weapons from the police and National Guard, but neither of those groups use AK-47s.  You can’t get those AK-47s in New England, let alone brand new ones.

11.) Why do they wear brand new desert tan nylon tactical belts (over their shirts!) with nothing on them? What’s the point if you’re not going to attach pouches or at least a canteen? Just loop your holster through a normal belt.

12.)Why don’t any of them carry any extra ammo whatsoever? You literally live and die by your ammo supply. And yet they go out with only the magazine currently in their rifles. With your full auto AK that would be gone in no time, Noah Wyle. Why are you not covered in mag pouches?

13.) Wait, sorry, the one black guy does carry extra ammo,  a belt of 7.62mm – ammo that is used in NONE of the weapons his squad brings with them on missions.

14.) It’s a alien apocalypse, why is Noah Wyle apparently the only “fighter” that ever gets a say, and why do they all listen to this ponytailed dude wearing a Vietnam War halloween costume?

15.) If they needed to sneak in and kill the alien silently, why didn’t they use a supressor and subsonic rounds? Or at least bring a supressed weapon with subsonic rounds just in case the knife through the mouth didn’t work? If they can get a full auto AK they can get those items.

16.) How exactly is Mike’s son alive? Didn’t he voluntarily put the harness back on and then get it ripped out? A move  they established kills instantly?

17.) Why don’t the aliens move in squads? They seem to be somewhat militarized, I mean they invaded a planet, they have giant robot walkers with rocket launchers. Why do the skitterers just wander around by themselves?

18.) Do you know how far radio waves can travel? If the aliens communicate via radio waves, why can’t the captured ones, or the ones being ambushed, ever instantly call for backup?

19.) After fighting this enemy for almost a year, why hasn’t ANYBODY thought to do some research on the aliens they’ve been fighting? Only now they start to study how they operate? And no one has ever looked at the wreckage of one of the mechs they blew up to see if there’s an alien pilot? Or what sort of technology they’re using? Or how they communicate with the mothership?

20.) How the hell was the entire world army wiped out by a bunch of crying aliens that can be beaten by one history teacher with a sawed-off double barrell shotgun? Where is the military? You’re telling me a bunch of randoms can blow up mechs but a US tank can’t?

21.) Speaking of which, where ARE the hollowed out shells that were once our military? Hell, where are any vehicles whatsoever? You’d think if aliens were coming those roads would be packed with the cars of people that tried to flee. Instead there are like 2.

22.) Why doesn’t this alien species, once again having mastered interstellar travel, have anything like infrared or thermal imaging in their mechs to be able to see the 6 people hiding behind the car 3 feet in front of them?

23.) Is the religious girl a pre-med or a med student? She’s said she’s both in two different episodes.

24.) If they’re all so scared of having the alien locked up in the cage around them, why don’t they have someone guarding it 24/7? They said they have over 100 “fighters”. You can’t post somebody at the cage to keep kids and a-hole doctors from getting hurt?

25.) Why does the one little kid (the one that tried to save the dog) have to be a soldier and risk his life but Noah Wyle’s son who seems to be the same age gets to ride around all day on a ripboard he is TERRIBLE at?

26.) They couldn’t get even one actor with a Boston accent?

27.) Why doesn’t anyone tell the religious girl to shut up when she starts pushing her ideology on people every chance she gets? They just got back from almost being killed, give it a minute girl!  Plus, no one is that positive all the time. Especially when your whole family is dead.

28.) How many dogs does the resistance have that it can afford to just toss them into dark alleys to see if there’s a mech? They can’t just throw a tin can full of nails? Wouldn’t that get the mechs attention just as well?

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  1. KG

    I’ve always wondered where they get all the food for the people.

    And what time of year is it? It must be cool because everyone seems to be wearing jackets although they never zip them up nor take them off. And it doesn’t seem to be getting colder because they don’t add clothing (or zip existing jackets) nor burn anything for heat.

    Shouldn’t there be more sick people? You know with the horrible new conditions, the lack of sanitation, cool weather (supposedly) and crowded conditions?

    Why do they want to do their attacks at night? They do realize that THEY are the inferior technological force without night vision equipment right? Is a robot REALLY less apt to see you at night or in the day? They weren’t designed to work in the dark? At least in the day the humans can see.

    What is with the rocket launcher that Pope says is “standard army issue”. Standard issue in what army . . . the Russian? Chinese? How did they find so much foreign military equipment in Boston?

    And how do you just “coat” a rocket in a mysterious alien alloy and turn it into a super weapon. Would you really dip an explosive into an alloy that probably has to be heated to several thousand degrees to melt it?

    How do you melt an incredibly tough alien metal alloy you compare to depleted uranium? Something that would be bound to have a melting point much higher than steel. Oh yeah, you turned that school science lab into an advanced smelting and munitions facility. Awesome!

    So the aliens have the technology to travel millions of miles and enslave entire civilizations yet they use HF radio waves as their primary method of communication? Luckily if you have an old radio transmitter or ham radio you can interfere with the alien radio signal. And despite the fact that these frequencies are popular for radios because of their long range, the aliens have only managed to utilize them for “short distance” communication.

    You have 300 or so people living in a school yet at night the halls are always empty (why guard things like medical supplies, ammunition, food, etc) and there are only one or two people in a room. With all the rooms we see being used for alternate purposes . . . how many rooms does this school have?

    How do you take down an alien mech and its (advanced alloy armor) with a couple frag grenades? How are they damaged by bullets? Does the constant pinging of the metal drive the alien computers insane and they commit suicide? Try stopping a modern tank with some grenades . . . or by firing off the roof of a school with a shotgun. Good luck with that.

    How do the aliens have heavy, walking armored mechs with an array of lethal weapons at their disposal but the skitters use “hand-to-hand” combat to defeat their opponents? Are they humans to valuable to actually “arm” the skitters with weapons so they don’t kill someone useful? If that were the case though, maybe the mechs shouldn’t just indescriminately fire upon everything that moves.

    If you are going to equip your scouts with motorcycles to increase their mobility . . . wouldn’t it be a good idea to do something about their lack of stealth? Is a scout really that effective when you can hear their engine coming down the road a mile away? Isn’t the idea to “avoid” detection from the aliens because if they know there are people around they will send vast waves of mechs and skitters to attack you? Perhaps the aliens are all just deaf.

    If you are trying to hide from aliens it would probably be a good idea to practice some kind of noise and light discipline and teach it to the survivors. Things like having a lantern on in the middle of a room (or lighting up the school at all) or playing the piano while running from a squad of skitter cooperating humans are gonna have to be considered no-nos.

    Why do you have to blow up all FOUR legs of the alien structure in Boston? Wouldn’t blowing up two legs (or even one) essentially do it? Imagine breaking the legs of a table. Do you really have to break all 4 legs (plus all 4 at the same time) to bring it down? Perhaps you do if its an “alien” table.

    The Resistance can’t communicate with their own units in the field just miles away yet they are in contact with the Los Angeles resistance? Am I assuming that the aliens do not have the technology to detect long range radio communications? Heck, maybe they were using advanced military grade digital radios. The aliens haven’t progressed past the older UFH frequencies yet so those should be safe.

    In trying to escape from a city darkened like Boston down deserted roads, I would think that an easy way to be detected would be to drive away in a truck with your lights on. Perhaps that alien ship was able to detect you because they have advanced imaging or sensing technology that they finally decided to turn on or maybe they just saw your headlights as you drove down the road. The only headlights in . . . ohhh I don’t know . . . a thousand miles.


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