Alex Wagner at MSNBC

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Alex Wagner

Congratulations to Alex Wagner, former reporter for the Huffington Post, on her new post at MSNBC, replacing Contessa Brewer in the 12 P.M. slot. The move continues a trend at MSNBC. to promote its contributors, and  give many of them shows of their own.

A big improvement over Contessa Brewer, in our opinion. WOS has long been a fan of Wagner through her appearances on Hardball. She is a joy to watch and a smokin’ hottie: Super smart, hungry/sexy with a devilish humor and comfortable in her own skin. Lunchtime will soon be more fun!


  1. Jim

    Huge improvement in style and substance. Ms. Wagner’s show (“NOW” is what it’s called I think, im not sure tho) is one of the few shows I can tolerate more than ten minutes of on cable news. I love Hardball with Chris matthews also, mostly because he’s not a blatantly pompous ass. I hate that MSNBC is using people like Krystal Ball, though……she has absolutely no stature or area of expertise, other than a failed attempt at a congressional run and some lewd photos. Either way, cable news sucks balls and I’ll never be a consistent viewer of

  2. Gandalfs Beard

    Alex Wagner IS a Smokin’ Hottie. 😛 (@ Mike Simpson). Being a Male Lefty doesn’t preclude us from ogling Hot Chicks. The distinction between Male Lefties and Male Righties is that Male Lefties don’t believe ogling Hot Chicks entitles us to enslave women.

  3. Capt. Obvious

    I don’t really know what Alex Wagner thinks of believes because I don’t really hear what she is saying, I just keep picturing her in my bed.

    • Jessicarsh

      Only liberals daydream about people like that. I masturbate to the Constitution while I’m listening to Rush Limbaugh.

  4. Angel

    She is gorgeous and a very smart girl. I do disagree with her comment on the 2nd amendment. Then again I disagree with 99^% of the idiots who say is grants everyday citizens the right to brandish guns. It permits a the citizen of this great country to form and join a militia with is the safty net of this country. Now the militia is akin to a guerrilla group of right wing nuts that are going around doing more harm to our country. Not every militia are gun crazy nuts, nor do they all hate a person with different views. If I expect you to respect my opinion then why wouldn’t I expect yours? But what you wrote isn’t an opinion, it is nothing more then attack piece on an innocent woman. To sum it up 2nd amendment=militia(not gun ownership for everyone) and there is nothing in this piece that contains anything bad about Alex Wagner, just nonsense and a bad sense of journalism.

  5. CropO

    Wow indeed. I was looking for someplace to post my thoughts about Alex Wagner but wow, wow, wow … I could not have said it better than the words under her photo above.

    Alex Wagner is the best thing MSNBC has done ..ever ! She has an intelligent innocence and is a bit coy. What a refreshing and modern attitude for cable news. You would have to multiply one of those FOX news faux-chicks by about a billion to get an Alex Wagner. She has a wonderfully artful way with words that are spot-on. She is making MSNBC shine. I wish her the best ..and MSNBC, listen carefully: “YOU HAVE A WINNER. GIVE HER LOTS OF MONEY AND MORE AIR-TIME AND I WON’T STOP WATCHING !”

  6. Jonathan Hess

    More need to read Gary Willis’s volume on a History of Distrust for Government.

    At the time the second amendment was written, guns, including the guns of all nations, were very primitive. The people could take up arms and overthrow the government, though it was hard to keep them in working order. The colonisits took up arms and overthrew the English colonial government.

    Government arms are very sophisticated today. In any event, few people oppose the second amendment. However, many are in favor of some gun control, including the former Mayor Daly of Chicago. That does not make these responsible citizens unAmerican.

  7. Jean Burr

    We like Alex but she has to learn to control the panel…they all talk at once. Get rid of the woman on the end to your left….she talks too fast to be understood.

    • WOS

      Oh, my……

  8. JephB

    Amazing how these trolls will spend HOURS huffing their tired obsolete opinions on any forum they can find. Yes, she’s hot. Brains plus attractive features plus personality = hot. If that bothers you right-wingers, maybe its because you tend to only hire pundits with 1 out of these 3 attributes. 😉

  9. Vapor

    The 2nd Amendment comment was kind of daft, but Real Time is, after all, a comedy show. We like Wagner. Yes, she is hot, but also, smart, focused and engaging.

  10. gc

    Shes hot and smart. I am a liberal gun-lover, you convervative are not the only ones than love guns. 🙂

    • Funguy

      Wow this is no different than xbox versus playstion arguements i see in video game websites. Have you chest thumpers have no shame?
      People have their own opinions and you will never ever fix or change them from a comment box.

      Sidenote: Alex Wagner looks so much better than that photo you have there.

  11. WOS

    Welcome, NRA Members! You poor guys- you’re not hotties, but you’re all loaded up with nobody interested in pulling your triggers.

  12. David Vazquez

    Is this the same moron who said we should trash the 2nd Amendment?

  13. Mike Simpson

    “Smokin hottie?” Leave it to the left–who’re constantly whining about sexism–to make a sexist comment.

    While you may feel Alex Wagner is a “hottie,” she’s no friend of The Constitution of The United States based on her anti 2nd ammendment comments speaking to Bill Meher recently.

    You may feel Miz Wagner is attractive, but her saying (paraphrasing), “…the 2nd Amendment doesn’t seem to fit with the other amendments…” is akin to comparing The Amendments to The Constitution to a clothing ensemble, and makes one question wonder at her intelligence.

    So much for subjective reporting. Looks like MSNBC has decided on the path of anti-Americanism. Explains why so few people watch the station.

    • Terry Weaver

      What makes Wagner so hot is the fact that she can think for herself and formulate an opinion rather than spew talking points originating from right wing talk radio. I understand that the GOP wants their women barefoot and pregnant and that is probably why they spew so much nonsense over a female that not only has brains, but her own opinion as well.

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