Robin Williams Death

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robinwilliamsbutterfly350I never met Robin Williams, but like millions of others, I loved him, and had I known he was in such pain, I would have purchased a plane ticket, flown to San Francisco, got him to treatment, and when he was well enough, take him somewhere beautiful for a piece of pie- with ice cream on top! His death is a stunning testimony to the devestating power of depression:

That a Master of humor and joy could find nothing to even smile about.

That one of the most imaginative people in the world could not imagine that there might be a way out of the darkness and pain.

That someone so brilliant hurt too much enough to know that there was a solution.

That someone who freely gave so much love to others could feel none for himself, nor feel the love of millions who would have reached out to help him, save him and love him.

That someone who gave others so much hope could find none for himself.

That this funny, imaginative, brilliant, loving, hopeful soul could not find even a thread of a reason to reach for help is a chilling testimony the the dark, destructive power of depression.

My Dear Robin, how we love you, and wish we could have saved you! My love and prayers go out to your family, the millions who love you so dearly, and all those who have also lost loved ones to this terrible predator.

I hope one day we will see you again in that place of peace, joy and love.


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