Elizabeth Broadbent Dismisses Dog Parents

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Dogs, Humor | 3 comments


In this article at your tango.com, Elizabeth Broadbent dismisses humans who refer to their beloved pets as furkids or furbabies, even though many such pet parents know that that’s exactly what they are. Elizabeth, honey, sorry, but you don’t get to tell anyone what they call anything or pretend to know the depth and nature of the relationships between people and their pets. They are what they are to them, and no one gives a flying fuck about your opinion.

I have nothing against human babies. I actually was one once. But I’d rather read posts about people’s furkids and furbabies than the interminable posts from new Moms who think they’re the first women to ever pop out something so unique and precious and who define themselves by this singular accomplishment.

Unless I missed it, you provided no way for people to comment on your presumptuous article, probably because you know you’d get a shit storm dumped on your vapid head. Well, here’s a place for all of us pet parents to hurl some of our furbabie’s poop (respectfully, of course). You can also get a taste of what dog parents think in this Facebook thread.


  1. WOS

    Mutual gaze between dogs and the people who care for them produces a very similar physiological profile to what’s observed between mothers and infants. This overlap could both contribute to and facilitate our intense and deep-seated relationship with dogs. Read more about this here.

  2. Candy

    Geez, perhaps you should not have reproduced. Sounds as though you are a tad bit resentful towards the true joys of motherhood…..WORK. Oh, and just in case you haven’t realized it, every woman on this earth that has ever had the honor and privilege of parenting another human has actually had to perform some of the same duties that you have and they aren’t ranting and raving about the duties of motherhood as you are. So, perhaps it would behoove you to reassess your “idea” of an “ideal” psychologically sound parent’s emotions towards motherhood.

  3. Ann Kennedy

    Excellent, unfortunately she probably won’t see this… What a clown of a woman!!!!!!


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