Yes, Janet Cook, You Are Stupid

by | Jul 18, 2015 | Hall of Morons | 4 comments


Who needs some money?

In this New York Times article about Janet N. Cook, 76, of Suffolk, VA, who was swindled out of $300,000 from a con man on an internet dating site, Ms. Cook is quoted as saying “I’m not stupid, but was totally┬ána├»ve.”

Well, Ms. Cook, I’m sorry, but I’ve got a news flash for you: You are stupid. Now before everyone gets their panties in a twist over my picking on this poor little old lady, let me acknowledge that I’m stupid too. We’re all stupid at one time or another, and I’ve done some really stupid things, but Janet, handing over $300,000 to a stranger from a dating site is not just really stupid, it’s monumentally stupid!

And now to make things worse, since you’ve gone public about this, everyone now knows that you’re stupid. I prefer to keep my stupidity to myself whenever possible. But Janet, we wish you well. Perhaps the publicity will inspire other stupid people to send you some of their money. I hope so. But maybe that was the plan all along, in which case perhaps you’re not so stupid after all?




  1. Bonnie Shepherd

    This cruel comment says more about the writer than about Janet. We all treat each other the way we treat ourselves. I don’t know what has happened to this country to breed this kind of insensitivity, lack of compassion, and downright bullying. This is a woman who dared to tell a truth that represents so many who have had this experience. Without having gone through it themselves, how can anyone judge another like this? Unfortunately the internet provides a stage for faceless people like this unhappy person to attack their fellow human beings. Very sad.

    • WOS

      Honey, if you give away $300,000 to a total stranger and tell the NY Times about it and then say “I’m not stupid”, well, I’m sorry but a correction is definitely in order.

  2. Janet Cook

    Before you go calling anyone stupid, you don’t know the whole story, but isn’t that typical of people like you? Always have the answer when they don’t know jack about what they are talking about. It is just like this article and everything else that is published publically, it is slanted towards making a good story regardless of how it is told. And if Janet Cook is as stupid as you intimate, she is in good company. There are doctors, lawyers, preachers, bankers (even at the bank I use) that have become victim to this. So why don’t you learn of what you speak before you spout your stupidity. And what you don’t know is the whole story and when it comes out it will be sure to mention this site, which most people never heard of anyhow. And my guess is, you have to call other people stupid to make you look smart. Who are you anyway? Some really smart guy that nobody has ever heard of. Don’t you love hearing people talk about something when they don’t know what they are talking about? Your opinion matters to WHO? Missed that part and you have not kept your stupidity to yourself. Your stupidity is obvious to anyone that stumbles on this site and this proves that anyone can get on the internet. And if you google the bowels of the internet, there you are!
    Shame on google for having this crazy site pop up.

    • WOS

      OK, I’ll bite. What is the “whole story”? We can’t wait to find out why giving away $300,000 to a total stranger isn’t stupid. Yes, I’m sure Janet is in “good” company. There are surely plenty of doctors, lawyers, certainly preachers, bankers and many more who are every bit as stupid as she is.

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