Bernie Sanders young supporters created this mess!

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Politics | 0 comments


A huge percentage of the wide-eyed young dreamers who are hot for Bernie Sanders are actually responsible for our current political mess because in THEY DIDN’T VOTE in 2010!

And now these brilliant wonder children with limited information and attention span want to nominate a feel-good candidate who is more likely to lose the general election to a republican, and if by some magical miracle in this land of morons, actually got elected, would fail miserably in the toxic political environment created by these same limited commitment dreamers who don’t vote.

I love Bernie and I love everything he believes in, but he hasn’t sold me on how he’s going to make it happen. Whenever he’s asked how he’s going to pass universal single payer healthcare or free college education, etc., he gives the same old broken record “revolution” spiel. OK, but the numbers thus far do not foretell a Bernie revolution sufficient to win the Presidency and both houses of congress, which would be necessary for him to accomplish anything.

The numbers do however suggest that Hillary has a much deeper bench of support and therefore a better chance of really beating the crap out of whichever vomitus candidate the Republicans nominate. I’m not willing to risk the nightmare of a President Trump, Cruz or whomever just to satisfy a noble but unrealistic, altruistic fantasy.


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